From the Bustle to the Castle

It was the day, I was determined to get into the city, which actually wasn’t as hard as expected. I walked to the train station unsure and seeing everyone going to the automatic ticket seller, I asked the man in the booth who was very nice and directed me on my way. The roundtrip on the train was about 11 euros.

The 40 minute commute was lovely,  most commuters were so use to the travel they focused on other things like their phones, drinking their morning coffee, and even doing their make up. Personally I was captives by the views, green is truly a beautiful color, wide open green spaces with horses and cows on one side and the shore on the other.

The weather had me shivering, but that did not prevent me from getting on top of the double-decker bus. I was determined to get some pictures.

Good friday was a fun one up to a castle and down to the sea. Though i am not a big fan of tours, which are limiting at times, this late afternoon tour at 25 euros was well worth it.

Entering the Malahide Castle and garden was included in the tour, it was a gorgeous and historic site. The castle may or may not be haunted, I didn’t get to experience any paranormal activity, but by the age and history I’d say it has some unresolved energy lurking.

The inside of the castle is so fascinating. In a time of war between Catholics and Protestants, a Catholic family had to hide their priest in a special room. To this day, no one has been able to open it, so it is unknown if the priest is still waiting in there.

To the sea, Howth a fishing town, was short but very refreshing. Walking by restaurants that I could not help but take a picture for their amusing names.

The adventure continues.

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