Planning a trip to a new place can be very stressful at times. I was so excited to start my journey in Dublin Ireland, or so I thought. I purchased my trip on- line, which was a packaged deal. Flight and hotel for a great price, but my surprise when I arrived as I was tired simply ready for a nice warm shower and a nap, my hotel was as the taxi driver put it a bit out the way. I am 25 miles outside Dublin, and honestly it is not so bad.

I am close to the beach, in a sweet corner of Ireland,  not so touristy, and I love it. My room is so cozy, plenty of restaurants and bars, and plenty of local people. No one is in a rush or rude, well so far, after all it is only the first day.


First day here and I have yet to complain, tomorrow will be an early morning. I will venture out to the city of Dublin. Found the train and bus station, so we shall see where we end up.

Ireland you are an interesting gal, can’t wait to explore even more.

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