A simple rainy day in August, as the excitement of summer is almost over, when every moment is to be enjoyed as if it is the last moment of freedom. On this day I sit and think of this life, decades ago a little girl was born with a strong beast within. It sounds like so many years ago but in reality it is a breath, a blink of an eye, a mere moment in time. Soon time will stop for the life that started on that day and what will be of that girl and her inner beast? She is no longer a child but is she a defined adult by her standards? She has done so much but yet so little, she is not what she sees but what she has allowed to happen. A strong vibrate independent women, who has allowed darkness to enter through others lack of vision, fear of the unknown, and by the desire to please others. The ferocious beast who would have clawed her way out has been tamed in a way no one should be.

In desperate need to awaken the ferocious beast that lives within. For many years, the beast has been dormant, laid to rest by society and past failures. A beast must be resilient but when she has exhausted her inner strength she must look for support or a way to numb the pain of defeat. The beast once stood proud when others admired her strength but when the adoration and applause died down, she grew tired and simply licked her lacerations and rested her heartaches for the pain became so wrenching she would simply escape.

Tears of lost for the anchor who never let failure destroy the beast, pushing the beast until it was on its own path.  The anchor was lost when needed the most. At the cusp of maturity, the guiding support was swiftly taken and without a path nor guidance the beast was pacified by the sadness of life. Years of looking back to days of true strength have gulped the beast in a numbing haze which has been slowly rising.

It has taken a strong young bull to awaken the ferocious beast. The beast rebels, she pushed, yelled and tried to flee, which were signs that this is what she needed in her life the most, to rise to the challenges that stood ahead.

Could life have place this bull to finally reach this beast? The potential of greatness can be miraculous and spectacular to epic proportions when beings connect through motivation and empowerment with no judgement.